Committed to a World Where Nonprofits Thrive

Dedicated to a Brighter Future

At Nonprofits for the Future, our goal is to give nonprofits like you the tools and resources to chart a new course of sustainability for your organization. Our biggest priority is to help organizations explore earned income as a funding solutions to put nonprofits in the driver seat of their mission.

To ensure that we provide a gamete of resources across the funding spectrum, we collaborate with other thought leaders in the nonprofit space.

Meet the Team


Alexandra started her professional career wearing a half-dozen hats in nonprofit organizations. A deep-seeded passion for storytelling pulled her into the marketing world where she mastered the art of messaging. Still yearning for purpose, she found her calling in the social entrepreneurship space.

Spearheading Positive Impact Media, today she works with purpose-driven companies to transform their messaging and branding. Focusing on connecting customers to an organization’s “why,” she strives to convert one-time customers into long-time advocates.







Drew is a bona fide problem solver. Diving into a wide array of industries from energy to manufacturing to healthcare, he has explored companies from the inside and out, from leadership to stewardship. He is fascinated with how organizations create a holistic and sustainable success that fulfill the financial and emotional needs of all involved – beneficiaries, customers, partners, employees, and shareholders.
The mastermind behind Startup Hacker Consulting, today he uses his talents to solve the largest developmental, financial, or organizational challenges facing companies dedicated to solving systemic social issues.